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Welcome to Apex Anatomy.

The fascinating world of veterinary anatomy has long been built on centuries of discovery, observation and meticulous dissection.

The intricacies and complexity of these bits and pieces coming together to form the marvelous creatures and diversity in our world are nothing short of breath-taking.

Learning and assimilating this knowledge however, can be daunting and difficult as a student.

Apex Anatomy aims to create a learning tool that will supplement your training throughout your veterinary career. Not only as a vet student but as a lecturer or clinician; vet nurse, veterinary physiotherapist or any of the many other para-veterinary careers.

Embark on the journey of exploring the wonders of the machinery beneath the skin and enjoy the intuitive and creative tools that Apex Anatomy provides.
With high attention to detail and beautifully crafted models, the Apex Anatomy app strives to bring you an enriching and immersive experience like nothing else.

Thousands of Structures at Your Fingertips


Quickly reference anatomical structures and their functions

Labels and annotations provide quick and succinct information; facilitating efficient and effective study.

Numerous Species in one application