Frequently Asked Questions


1When will the app be released?
The app is currently under peer review and in BETA Testing and is planned to be fully released in the first quarter of 2024.
2Can I download the app on my phone or tablet?
Not yet. Due to the focus on quality visuals, the emphasis has been on development for Windows and iOS at this stage.
3Can I access my account on multiple machines?
We have created the option of purchasing a license for individuals or groups of up to 5 people.
4What species will be available in the app?
To start; canine, feline, equine and bovine models will be available at launch in varying levels of completeness. Structures, labels annotations as well as other species will be added in regular subsequent updates.
5What are the system requirements for the app?
We are currently undergoing testing and development to determine and optimize the requirements for the app. Due to the high quality nature of the models and the textures it can be assumed that there will be some delayed response on lower end machines.
6What languages are available?
At launch only English will be available. Over time, other languages will be added to the app as demand for them grows.
7Is there a free version to download?
Not at this stage.
8What features are available in the app?
Viewing and manipulating of realistic anatomical 3D models.
Note taking and annotating
Screen Captures
Material/colour changing options
Multiple species
Labelled and annotated models
Quiz Mode
Scene Capture with Export and Import Functionality
9Are there any animations in the app?
No. There are a lot of features that may or may not be added as the app grows and develops.
10My question isn't listed.
Feel free to contact us.